Agile & Evolving

Dakkota Integrated Systems was founded with purposeful and meaningful values and principles. Together, we strive for excellence, value our people, and promote teamwork all within an engaging atmosphere.


Where We Are, Where We’re Going

Dakkota Integrated Systems, a joint venture with majority partner Rush Group LLC and Magna International Inc., was established in 2001 to manage the complete assembly and sequencing of modules for OEMs and Tier One suppliers.

Dakkota’s vision and culture are firmly based on high regard for our diverse employees and customers. Accordingly:

  • We strive to be the best place to work in the eyes of our team.
  • We become better people because of our Dakkota experience; and Dakkota becomes better because of our contributions.
  • We continually work to exceed expectations.

Dakkota’s culture is based on core values and principles that have helped us rise to the occasion, up the ranks, visibly among our competitors. Dakkota’s foundation is built on interpersonal relationships and interactions that are the heart of our organization’s culture.


Meet Our Team

Our dynamic leadership sets us apart from the rest of our competitor group. We share the same ideals and approach that make us a successful supplier for OEMs and Tier Ones.