Forward Thinking,
Innovative End Result

To continue forward, we don’t look in the rearview mirror. Our world-class, quality product and service successes are due to our commitment to superior customer service and collaboration internally with engineers and operations personnel.

Products & Services

Our Portfolio of Excellence

View the wide range of our products and services, and the facilities that make for a smoother design concept and flawless execution.

Dakkota expertly manages complete automotive modular assemblies, including:

Overview IP Cockpit Module Assembly Overhead Systems Overhead Systems Front and Rear Fascia Cooling Modules Front and Rear Suspensions Bumper and Grill

Products Overview

Dakkota Integrated Systems manages the complete assembly and sequencing of modules for OEMS and Tier One suppliers. Learn more about its history, capabilities and the talent behind this automotive supplier.

IP Cockpit Module Assembly

We assemble and ship complex IP cockpit module assemblies to various customers. We currently build over 350,000 units annually.

Overhead Systems

We assemble and ship complex overhead systems to various customers.  We currently build over 800,000 units annually.

Front and Rear Fascia

We assemble and ship complex front and rear fascia assemblies to various customers.

Cooling Modules

Dakkota provides assembly and process expertise in complete cooling module assemblies. We assemble and sequence complete front-end systems including radiator and auxiliary radiators, trans oil cooler, power steering reservoir, hoses and line sets, wire harnesses assembly and routing, and bolster and hood latch assemblies for JIT installation at OEM assembly plants.

Front and Rear Suspensions

Front and rear suspension are our newest complex modules added to our resume. We currently ship around 100,000 units annually and based on recent awards this will increase to over 600,000.

Bumper and Grill

We assemble and ship bumper and grille assemblies. We currently build over 300,000 of each unit annually.

We support our customers every step of the way with strong execution that optimizes quality, reduces cost and lead times, and ensures a solid product launch. Our systems and processes allow us to provide world-class products and services from concept to delivery.

Full Service Integration and Supply Base Management Modular Assembly and Sequencing JIT (Just in Time) Product Delivery MSS - Material Sequencing Services

Full Service Integration and Supply Base Management

Total solution provider to manage complexity for the automotive and other industries, utilizing strong IT systems, Tier 1 engineering capabilities, supply base management from raw material sourcing to directed buy management and comprehensive logistics expertise. Coupled with our proven experience in efficient assembly and sequencing for a wide variety of complex automotive modules with superior error proofing techniques, has resulted in consistently dependable single stream delivery of quality product to our OEM and Tier 1 customers.

Modular Assembly and Sequencing

We assemble various complex modules and ship via broadcast to our customers in sequence order. This streamlines the process and allows our customers to receive the modules assembled and in the proper order to install in their vehicles.

JIT (Just in Time) Product Delivery

We locate within 10 miles of our customer to minimize the amount of product required in our customer’s facility.  We ship JIT to allow them to maximize floor space and only have the product they need.

MSS - Material Sequencing Services

  • Small Lot
  • Bulk
  • CMC
  • Sequencing and Materials
  • Logistics Management

The Dakkota Process

Answering Complexity by Delivering Quality

We implement a vertical integration approach to our process which means continuous improvement in our solutions for customers. From the perfected engineering of instrument panels to launching successful assembly operations, Dakkota’s innovative solutions model makes our products and services the ones our customers anticipate.

List of Design and Production Software:

  • AutoCad
  • Spin Fire
  • MinTab
  • Team Center
  • Visual 8 Simulation Software
  • Portable Faro Arm
  • Color Macbeth Booth
  • Full CMM Lab
  • Data View and Data Page


Supplier Partnerships

Relationships matter. We complement the way in which we serve our customers and community by working hand-in-hand with top-notch suppliers and collaborating as true partners. Working together is a key component to our tremendous growth and overall client satisfaction.

Supplier Diversity

At Dakkota, we recognize that diverse business enterprises help corporations build brand loyalty. The number of certified diverse companies—and the number of people they employ—is steadily rising. Our supply chain of nearly 100 suppliers includes many minority, veteran, and women owned businesses. We mentor prospective suppliers interested in working with us through a structured process to establish new relationships that benefit not only us, but also our customers.

View Dakkota’s Diversity Supplier Development Policy

Supplier Diversity Value Proposition

Diversity is a business imperative that helps us enhance our ability to address diverse markets. Diversity initiatives support our customers’ goals of job creation in minority communities.